1. Administrative Projects

    Get information about current and upcoming projects being managed by the Administrative Department.

  2. Planning Projects

    Find out what planning projects are currently being studied and which ones have already been approved and are in development.

  3. Public Works & Engineering Projects

    Read about various projects being managed by the Public Works and Engineering divisions of the City of Wayzata and how they might affect you.

  4. Wayzata Lake Effect

    The Lake Effect effort is focused on shared long-term goals for the city’s best asset: Revitalizing the lakefront, making it safer, more ecologically friendly, and improving access to and along the shore.

  5. Lake Effect Conservancy

    The Wayzata Lake Effect Conservancy is a newly established nonprofit created specifically to advocate and raise private philanthropic funds to support construction of the Lake Effect Park project.

  6. Downtown Parking Project

    In recent months, the City Council has been working to address improvements to parking in the downtown business district.