Communications Board


  • Bruce Biser
  • Richard Diercks
  • Sue Farrell

  • Nancy Gnos
  • Dan Gustafson
  • Susan Shank


Established in 2010, the Communications Advisory Board advises the City Council on external communication activities. The board ranges from five (5) to seven (7) voting citizen members, of which one (1) of these members may be a non-resident or Wayzata based business owner. The members are appointed by the City Council. The entire board elects a chair and vice-chair from the members and those officers shall serve for two years. The board meets quarterly or as requested by the board chair.

Communications Advisory Board Duties:

  • To review and evaluate the effectiveness of the City’s communication activities and tools in reaching citizens with timely and useful information about City issues and events. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing and evaluating the City’s website, newsletters and cable television operations.
  • To propose improvements to the quality of the City’s communications.
  • To advise the City Manager and Council on communications matters, as requested.
  • To report to the Council on the state of City communications once a quarter.