Neighborhood Watch

Start a Crime Watch Group
Invite your neighbors to an organizational meeting and start a crime watch program on your block. We'll make a presentation and help you get started. Block parties and other activities can be planned in your neighborhood. Call the Police Department at 952-404-5340 for more information.
A police officer giving a demonstration to a group of citizens
Virtual Neighborhood & Business Watch Program
The Wayzata Police Department is excited to offer a new service to all Wayzata residents and business owners. The Virtual Neighborhood and Business Watch Program is an email notification system that is designed to keep residents and business owners informed about emergencies, crime trends, and other important city information.

How it Works
Wayzata residents, business owners, and school officials will be notified by priority e-mail when there is police information that may relate to them. Notifications will be sent when there is an emergency in the city that may affect them. The email will give instructions on how to respond to the emergency, where to get additional information, and who to contact if the incident is prolonged.

In addition, the system will be used to inform the public about serial crimes in the Lake Minnetonka area, Wayzata parking restrictions, utility interruptions, enforcement efforts, construction updates, press releases, and other important city information.

Keep the Public Informed

The program is a cost effective, progressive, and efficient way to keep the public informed and educated about crime information and prevention. All e-mail addresses will remain confidential and will not be shared with other participants. To become a member of the program, simply provide your email address to the Wayzata Police Department by calling 952-404-5340 during regular business hours. You can also send an email to the Police Department.

Free Service
The service is free! This list will only be used for official police business. All information released through the Virtual Neighborhood and Business Watch Program must be approved by the Chief of Police. Once you or your business is a member, an email is all it will take to remove your name from the list.