2014 - 2017 Strategic Planning

Visioning the Future
The Strategic Plan 2014 to 2016 will be an internal action plan for the City of Wayzata. It will establish a vision for our future, provide clear direction for reaching our goals and establish priorities and measurable targets that the City can budget around and track. This is the second version of the strategic plan, building off of the goals and priorities that were established in 2012.

The Strategic Plan will help us to:
  • Involve the community in directing our future and making strategic decisions
  • Provide clear guidance for established City goals
  • Focus our efforts over a 2-year period
  • Continually assess City services/operations and address deficiencies
  • Establish priorities for City services, operations, departments, and projects
  • Guide tough decisions related to City resources and finances
  • Integrate our budgeting decisions with new financial tools and established goals
Guiding Principles
The Strategic Plan includes further details on the specific objectives, strategies and guiding principles, which determine how we will evaluate our success over the next 2 years. This plan was built off of the strategic plan that was drafted in 2012 and was informed by the City Council and City staff, as well as Boards and Commissions staff.

The following 6 guiding principles are the foundation for our Strategic Plan. These principles underpin all of our programs.
  1. Wayzata is a well-maintained and safe community.
  2. Wayzata is an active community with a “Home Town” feel.
  3. Wayzata provides a world-class guest experience.
  4. Wayzata celebrates its proud history on the lake.
  5. Wayzata offers an exceptional lakefront destination.
  6. Wayzata has a strong, stable financial foundation.
Focus Areas
To help us reach our vision of Wayzata, we have established 3 focus areas, accompanied by strategic initiatives to help us achieve our goals:
  • Focus Area 1: Sustaining our community
  • Focus Area 2: Ensuring financial stability
  • Focus Area 3: Enhancing City assets
For each focus area, a City staff member has been appointed to facilitate the execution of that area. The strategies and initiatives associated with the focus areas have been categorized with a staff lead assigned to each 1.

Revised & Updated 2014 - 2016 Strategic Plan
2012 Strategic Plan