Studies & Reports

  1. Affordable Housing Report (PDF)

    Since the 1970s, the City of Wayzata has been discussing the topic of affordable housing. This policy statement defines the City’s position on future affordable housing development within the community, and will be used in concert with the City’s existing Comprehensive Plan.

  2. Parks & Trails Task Force Report (PDF)

    As the task force proceeded to assess the condition of the City's park and trail assets, it was found that their work was aligned with the recommendations and aspirations of the City’s most recent Comprehensive Plan Task Force.

  3. Telecommunications Site Options Analysis (PDF)

    This report provides a technical review of the current Gardner Street Water Tower telecommunications site and creates alternative telecommunication site development options within the City to accommodate current and future telecommunication carrier tenants.

  4. Trail Connection Grant

    The City of Wayzata has been awarded funds from Hennepin County to conduct a planning effort to identify a potential bike and pedestrian trail connection through downtown Wayzata, linking the Dakota Rail and Luce Line Trails.

  5. Wayzata Communications Advisory Group Report (PDF)

    Based on more than 2 1/2 years of meetings, this report examines the state of the City's communications and includes recommendations for ongoing enhancement.

  6. Wayzata Retail Study (PDF)

    Wayzata businesses, residents and the City of Wayzata need to join forces in coordinating a plan to support and undertake activities and improvements to address the issues described above and others that affect retailing in Wayzata.

R-3 Zoning District Study (PDF)