Arlington Circle / Lake Street East Roundabout

Now Open to Traffic
The roundabout at the intersection of Circle Drive, Arlington Circle and Lake Street is now open to traffic! Landscaping, final paving and medians will be completed next spring.

What is a Roundabout?
A modern roundabout is a circular intersection where traffic flows around a center island. Today, roundabouts can be alternatives to traffic signals and stop signs to control traffic. In many cases, they have several advantages over signals and stop signs, including:
  • Fewer injury crashes and fatalities
  • Increased pedestrian safety
  • Less vehicle delay and pollution
Our roundabout, like all intersections, underwent thorough analysis prior to implementation to determine if it was the appropriate solution.

Why Here?
“This location is a textbook example for a roundabout,” said City Engineer Mike Kelly. “First, the intersection isn’t a perfect square. Because traffic meets at different angles, safety and visibility has been a concern at this intersection. A roundabout eliminates this issue. Secondly, a roundabout will prevent traffic from backing up and potentially blocking the railroad crossing. Lastly, the roundabout provides an option to turn around if a driver misses a turn or exit on Lake Street. With a 4-way stop, drivers have to navigate through the neighborhoods to return to downtown Wayzata.”