Rental Dwelling Ordinance Changes

The most significant changes to Ordinance 815 (PDF) are requirements Crime Free Multi Housing training for all property owner or managers. Also, criminal background checks on prospective tenants and Crime Free/Drug Free lease requirements are required.

Every owner or property manager of a rental dwelling must attend Phase I Crime Free Training or a similar City-approved program, or provide proof of having received such training prior to issuance of a rental license. License renewals will not be issued without proof of training.

The easiest way for people to sign up or see when/where classes are or if classes are added or changed is the Minnesota Crime Prevention Association website. This organization provides information on all things related to Minnesota Crime Free Multihousing, follow the links on their website to "What We Do" and "Crime Free Multihousing" to read more about it. If you click on the "Training and Events" link you can see when the classes are offered and what city is hosting, and who to contact regarding signing up. Not all class dates have the cost listed, but for those that do it ranges from $25 to $30, for the 8 ½ hour class. Classes fill up fast.