Land Disturbance


For any site that disturbs land through excavation, embankment or grading activities, as defined by the city's Land Disturbance Ordinance. The owner shall, at minimum, conform to the provisions of the Land Disturbance Requirements, applicable permits, relevant laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. In the case of conflicting requirements, the most restrictive shall apply.

The city requires a grading permit if:

  • The proposed project disturbs more than 10 cubic yards of material
  • The proposed project is adjacent to wetlands, ponds, drainage easements, etc.
  • The proposed project alters the existing drainage pattern on the property in any way

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls 4 feet or higher require a building permit and must be designed and certified by a qualified professional engineer or landscape architect.

Obtaining Permits

Grading permits are only available from the Engineering Department.

Helpful Documents