Fire Department


Coverage Area

The Wayzata Fire Department is a volunteer department that serves the City of Wayzata. It contracts with the City of Woodland for their fire coverage.

The Wayzata Fire Department also has auto aid as well as mutual aid agreements with all cities within Hennepin County.

Volunteer Staff

There are approximately 30 members serving this department. Call volume is approximately 300 responses annually. The Wayzata Volunteer Fire Department has 1 fire station covering approximately 3.8 square miles.

Call 911 for any of the following reasons:

  • Any time you need police, fire or an ambulance to respond
  • Any situation that requires a police officer; such as a traffic accident, burglary, theft, property damage, parking complaint, ordinance violation or animal control issue
  • Request an ambulance, receive medical attention, or to report a fire or signs of a fire such as smoke or fire alarms
  • Report suspicious behavior or criminal activity such as shouts for help, breaking glass, loitering, trespassing or suspicious vehicles / people
  • If you witness an accident, fire or crime
  • If you encounter any incident that may require the help of police, fire or ambulance personnel

Reducing False Alarms

View a free online guide to assist homeowners in reducing false fire alarms from their home security systems.