Limited Drivers License Services

Services Offered

idThe Wayzata Motor Vehicle Department offers limited driver's license services, including duplicate licenses* for standard, enhanced and REAL ID. Duplicate services include change of address, lost or stolen.

Service NOT Offered

  • The Wayzata Motor Vehicle Department does not handle driver's licenses renewals or photos, nor does it handle change of name (which requires a new photo). If you need to take the road test or renew your driver's license, contact the Minnesota Driver's Exam Station in Plymouth at 651-284-1234. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If your drivers license expires within 3 months, then you must apply for a renewal at a driver's license renewal office.
  • Wayzata Motor Vehicle does not accept applications for new Enhanced Drivers License’s or new REAL ID. For additional locations in metro area for drivers license info call 651-296-6911 or visit MN Drive Info.

Reinstatement Fees

Wayzata Motor Vehicle can now accept reinstatement fees. Your reinstatement fee is subject to a $8 filing fee.

Where's my license?

Check the status of your license

Drivers License Manuals

Drivers license manuals are now available for purchase for $8. We offer the Class D manual, Motorcycle manual and CDL manual.