Animal Regulations

Leash Law

All dogs are expected to be restrained at all times unless on private property or in designated areas.

License Your Dog

All dogs over the age of 6 months are required to be licensed through the City. Print out the Dog License Application Form below and bring in the form to the Wayzata Police Department during regular business hours or mail in the form with payment and proof of rabies. The fee is $27 per dog for 1 year or $42 per dog for a 2 year license. A current rabies certificate must be presented at the time of submission. Questions? Call 952-404-5340.

Clean Up

Owners are not permitted to allow their dogs to damage or foul any lawn, garden or property of another person or on public property. Each owner is responsible for the cleanup of an animal and disposing in a sanitary manner. Owners are encourage to get in the habit of carrying plastic bags.


These are only 3 of the many responsibilities of pet owners. Please care for your pets in a responsible manner and be courteous of your neighbors and local community. All ordinances will be enforced. View the City Code.