Driving Safety

Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is a primary concern in Wayzata. Obey the speed limit. The posted speed limit on a roadway is the maximum speed you can drive. In hazardous conditions, such as rain or snow, even the posted speed limit may be too fast.


Stop for Pedestrians in the Crosswalks. Pedestrian safety is a 2-way street. Both drivers and walkers need to do their part to keep roads safe.

Pedestrian Guidelines

Motor vehicles and bicyclists must yield to pedestrians who are in crosswalks. A violation also comes with a $178 fine. Pedestrians bear the responsibility of making sure that it is safe to step off of the curb in front of a moving vehicle, whether it's a motor vehicle or a bike. This might include making eye contact with the driver. Just stepping in front of a moving vehicle does not absolve the pedestrian of responsibility.