Wayzata & Superior Boulevard Intersection

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The Wayzata and Superior Boulevards project has officially been completed! Thank you to all our residents and businesses for their patience while we worked to make this intersection safer and more efficient.

Minor restoration activities and clean-up work will still be completed; however these activities are not anticipated to disrupt traffic.

The need: improved safety and access to neighborhoods, businesses, and amenities 
The reconstruction of this intersection improves pedestrian connections, replaced failing pavement, improves wayfinding to downtown Wayzata, and reduces overall traffic congestion.

The work
A new traffic signal system was installed at the intersection, wayfinding signage was added, and the streets were reconstructed as well. Superior Boulevard was realigned to connect with Benton Avenue. Associated sidewalks and landscape buffering were also constructed as part of this project.

The timeline
Work began summer 2019 and was completed in September 2019.

Project History
The realignment of the Wayzata Boulevard and Superior Boulevard intersection was planned as part of the overall public improvements surrounding the Presbyterian Homes project, now known as "The Promenade.” Discussions regarding the proposed project began in 2008 with several neighborhood meetings. Once the Promenade was finished, completing the construction of this intersection was the last significant task to complete as part of the comprehensive redevelopment plan. Community conversations around how to align the intersection began in January 2017, and in January 2018, City Council voted to accept the final design and authorize staff to put the project out for construction bids. The project was completed in September 2019.