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The City of Wayzata provides this website for the general public as a convenient way to learn more about the City, and to access City information and services. The City works to keep the information and content provided on this website accurate and up to date. However, due to the compatibility of different web browsers, cache issues, input or transmissions errors, changes to source material made since the last update to the website, and the possibility of unauthorized access to this site, information contained on this website should not be relied on for legal or other purposes. Please contact the Communications Specialist at (952) 404-5315 to verify the accuracy of the information on this site.

Link Disclaimer

The City of Wayzata Website provides information about the City's government, services, and attractions. It may also provide links to websites outside the City's website. In general, the City of Wayzata Website links only to related government organizations and civic organizations that provide services and information that support the functions and services that the City provides. The City is not responsible for and does not necessarily endorse the information on any such linked website unless the City's website states otherwise. The City of Wayzata is not liable for any inaccurate, out of date, defamatory, offensive, or illegal content on such sites, and the risk of harm from the foregoing rests entirely with the user.

Copyright Notice

The City of Wayzata encourages wide use of this website for the general public. However, the City retains copyright in all content found on this website, including all text, graphics and images, unless otherwise noted. The content of this website may not be copied, distributed, modified, re-used, "framed", "mirrored" or republished without the express prior written permission of the City of Wayzata. Users of this site may make copies of the information contained on this site for their own personal use. In all copies of this information, users must retain this notice and any other copyright notices originally included with such information. The City of Wayzata reserves all other rights.

Privacy Policy

Information You Provide to Us

Any information you provide to us via this website is maintained in accordance with and is governed by Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, ("Government Data Practices Act"). This law presumes that all data collected, created, received, maintained or disseminated by the City is public unless classified otherwise. You should not use this Website to post, send or share any information that you wish to maintain as private without first confirming that the information is deemed private and/or non-public under the Government Data Practices Act.

Other Information About Your Visit to Our Website

Like most websites, the City of Wayzata Website reads non-personal information from your computer that helps us analyze traffic patterns, perform routine maintenance, maintain site security, and to help you navigate through our site. Generally the information we collect is temporary and when you leave the Website this information is deleted from our system. The only information the City automatically collects and maintains is the following:

  • total number of visitors to our site
  • types of computer and operating systems to access our site
  • web browser type and version,
  • date and time of access
  • the website you visited prior to coming to this website
  • information about possible system security threats

This privacy policy does not apply to websites operated by third parties that you may access through a link from our Website.

Information About Emailing City Council Members

Members of the City Council enjoy hearing from the citizens of Wayzata and value their input. Please be aware that the email you send to a Council member is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. It may be available to anyone making a request for it, and it may be made part of the public record if it is directed to a matter before the Council. In addition, Council members are called upon to review and decide certain matters before them in a fair, open and judicial manner, weighing all of the relevant facts and applying City Code appropriately. In an effort to maintain fairness, objectivity and an open mind, Council members may not be able to respond to your questions and concerns about a particular matter that is before them. If you are interested in or concerned about a matter before Council, you are encouraged to attend the public hearing and open meetings in which the matter is discussed. Notices of these hearings and meetings are posted on the City website and on the City's calendar available at City Hall. If you have questions about a Council agenda item, or a process of the City, you can direct those questions to the City staff responsible for working on those matters. A directory of City Staff is available in our Staff Directory.

Social Media Policy

Facebook Comments

We welcome any and all comments and interaction on our Facebook page. However, wall posts will be moderated. Posters shall not misrepresent their identity nor impersonate any person.

Comments associated with unlawful activity or that contain offensive or vulgar language or photos, personal attacks on staff members or members of the public, political endorsements of any kind, links to outside websites, commercial advertisements or any other form of commercial solicitation will not be posted.