Lake Effect Environmental Assessment Worksheet

In July 2016, the City Council ordered that an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) be completed for the Lake Effect Project, and approved a contract with Braun Intertec and Civitas to complete the EAW. The purpose of the EAW is to determine if the Lake Effect Project will have significant environmental impacts, and outline ways to avoid or minimize potential environmental effects. The EAW is not an approval of the project. From a regulatory approval standpoint, permits will be required from other public agencies once construction documents are prepared. The EAW is a tool to help the City understand the regulatory and permitting requirements.

An Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) for the City’s Lake Effect project has been prepared by the City of Wayzata, and is available for public review by clicking the links below. 

The Lake Effect project area is located along the shoreline of Lake Minnetonka, and extends from a stormwater basin east of the Section Foreman House to the inland marina on the west near Shaver Park. The project includes the following improvements:

  • An Eco Park on the east side of the project area with a restored shoreline marsh, fishing pier, and environmental education center;
  • A meandering continuous boardwalk (the Lake Walk) from the Eco Park near the Section Foreman House on the east end, past the Broadway community docks, to the historic Depot;
  • Lake Street will be redesigned to be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly with revised urban park/plaza replacing the Broadway Municipal parking lot;
  • A City-owned parcel of land located on the east side of Bushaway Road will be modified as necessary to offset impacts to the lake bottom and lake volume displaced due to the construction of the proposed project;
  • As part of a potential future phase, the existing swimming beach may be enhanced. The beach improvements are not included in the current scope of work, but are included in the EAW for the environmental review purposes.  

EAW Documents