Special Event Permit

The City of Wayzata encourages events and would like to help make them run smoothly. In doing so, it is important to balance the probable impacts of the event on the community with the desires of the event organizer(s) or coordinator(s). Some events may include street closures, amplified music, admission charges, service of alcohol, sale of goods or services or have a large number of people. To improve the chances of having a successful event and maintain the quality of life for the surrounding community, these activities require permits to give City departments, Commissions or the City Council the opportunity to review the plans with an eye toward the goal of balance.

Determine Whether You Need a Special Event Permit

A permit is required if your event is one of the following:

  • Event has outdoor amplified sound
  • The request to serve Alcohol requires an Alcohol License
  • Requires street or sidewalk closures
  • Organized gatherings of more than 20 people on City streets, sidewalks, parks, or City Right-Of-Ways
  • Walks, runs, athletic events, bicycle races and rides
  • Outdoor concert, entertainment, public or semi-public
  • Circuses, carnivals, fairs and festivals
  • Farmer’s markets and swap meets
  • Organized/sponsored vehicle and boat shows
  • Fireworks display
  • Business events which utilize a sidewalk, parking lot and/or enclosed tents over 400 Sq. Ft. in size
  • Residential events which will likely obstruct, delay or interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • Any events that may significantly impact neighboring properties

Note that even if your event does not require a special event permit, posting of No Parking Signs is required if the event location is adjacent to a less than 24 foot width city street. Public Works will post No Parking Signs on one side of the street(s). The number and location to be determined by Public Works. The fee per “No Parking” sign is listed within this application under 
rental fees.

Be sure to check the availability of dates by calling (952) 404-5363 before submitting your application.

The special event permit can be downloaded, filled in electronically and submitted via email to Special Event Permits.

See below for permit application.

Questions? Contact 952-404-5363 with any questions about the special event permit process.

Other Contact Information

There may be other entities you need to contact depending on your event. Any fees associated with these entities are the responsibility of the applicant.

Food License (952) 404-5301

  • Contact for any events serving food to the public.
  • Must allow 30 days to process temporary food stand license.

Liquor License (952) 404-5303

  • Contact for any events serving alcohol to the public.
  • Must allow 45 days to process liquor license.

Wayzata Fire Department (952) 404-5337

  • Contact 10 days prior to the event for any event that include tents larger than 400 sf that have enclosed sides. A tent permit is required and the tent(s) inspected prior to the start of the event.
  • A recreational burn permit must be filled out and submitted for public events with recreational fires in burn pits, portable fire appliances, and portable fire places.

Hennepin County Water Patrol (612) 596-9880

  • Contact for any events on Lake Minnetonka.

Lake Minnetonka Conservation District (952) 745-0789 or lmcd@lmcd.org

  • Contact for any events on Lake Minnetonka.

Wayzata Police Department (952) 404-5340

  • Contact 30 days prior to the event for any event that serves alcohol.

State Electrical Inspector, Dave Hucky (952) 442-2761

  • Contact for any events with outdoor electric.

Great Lawn (952) 563-6600

  • Contact Kristin Bartish or Holly Gregory with Mid-America Group for any events using the Great Lawn at the Promenade.

Click here to apply for a special event food stand temporary license

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