County Rd 101/Central Ave. Bridge over Hwy 12

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The need: a safer bridge with better traffic flow

The County Road 101/Central Avenue Bridge that passes over Highway 12 is deteriorating. In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) and Hennepin County, this work will replace the bridge and add new turn lanes that will allow for better traffic flow and improved safety.

The work

A new, wider bridge deck will replace the old bridge, and left turn lanes will be added. New traffic signal systems at the Highway 12 on and off ramps will also be added, and safer sidewalks will be constructed along County Road 101/Central Avenue.

The impact

The bridge will be closed for the majority of the project but traffic will be rerouted, and all businesses and residences will remain accessible throughout the construction.

The timeline

Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2019, with completion occurring in fall 2019.

Navigation tips

MnDOT suggests the following ramp detours.

EB Hwy 12 exit ramp to Co. Rd. 101 (PDF)

Co. Rd. 101 entrance ramp to WB Hwy 12 (PDF)

WB Hwy 12 exit ramp to Co. Rd. 101 (PDF)

Co. Rd. 101 entrance ramp to EB Hwy 12 (PDF)

The latest

The City will be providing ongoing updates about the County Road 101/Central Avenue Bridge and other road construction projects. To stay informed, please sign up for email or text alerts. Additionally, visit the MnDOT website for more information about the project.