Cable Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What company/companies provide cable television services in Wayzata? 

A: Mediacom currently is the only cable television provider in the City of Wayzata.

Q: How do I find my channel listing for my cable television service?

A: Mediacom subscribers can find it on the Mediacom website.

Q: What do I do if my cable service does not work properly or I have a specific complaint to register?

A: If your cable service does not work properly, or you have questions or concerns about your service, please call Mediacom FIRST at 855-633-4226 and ask them for answers to your questions or to provide you with an appropriate solution. You can also use their Mediacom chat, closed captioning support, or email that is on their website. If Mediacom does not provide you with an acceptable response, or you have a consistent technical or service problem that is not being resolved after contacting Mediacom Technical Support/Customer Service, please let us know what the unresolved issue is and your contact history with Mediacom by filling out a complaint form online.

Q: Why has Mediacom been granted a cable franchise in Wayzata, and can other cable providers also operate in the City of Wayzata?

A: Mediacom applied for and was granted a “non-exclusive” franchise which covers the entire area of Wayzata. Other cable television providers could also operate in Wayzata, and the City would welcome the opportunity to negotiate franchise agreements with any other interested and qualified providers.

Q: What is the franchise fee on my cable television bill? 

A: Franchise fees are paid to local franchising authorities (cities) as compensation for the cable company's use of the public rights-of-way or easements.

Q: What are the PEG fees on my cable television bill?

A. PEG stands for “public, education and government”. The Wayzata franchise agreement with Mediacom requires the cable operator to provide channels for public, education and government use. PEG access provides television production equipment, training and airtime on Wayzata's cable system to enable residents of Wayzata, Wayzata Public Schools and municipal government to produce shows and televise them to cable subscribers in Wayzata.

Q: Does the City of Wayzata regulate cable television? 

A: Yes, the City requires a franchise agreement to be in place prior to a service provider offering cable television services to the public within Wayzata.

Q. How are cable rates regulated? 

A: Federal law (the Telecommunications Act of 1996), has deregulated the cable industry with the intent of encouraging competition in the cable, telephone and internet arenas. As a result, all cable services, except basic cable, are exempt from regulation. Franchising Authorities only review any basic cable rate increases, but that review only serves to verify the information submitted to the federal government to substantiate the increase.

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