144 Edgewood Avenue - Variance

Property Address

  • 144 Edgewood Avenue

Project Description

A development application was submitted for a front yard accessory structure setback variance at 144 Edgewood Avenue South. A 440-square foot, 8- foot tall ground-mounted solar array structure is proposed to be placed 16 feet from the front property line. The required front yard accessory structure setback is 50 feet for this property (§952.06.B.2.A). Additional solar panels are proposed on the existing rooftops of the principal structure and existing accessory structure that do not require additional approvals.

The Development Application includes the following request:

  • Variance

City Review Dates

  • Planning Commission - November 16, 2020
  • City Council - December 22, 2020

City Contact for Questions

Nick Kieser, Assistant Planner, can be reached by calling 952-404-5313. Reports will be added as they become available.

Development Documents