Free Tree Giveaway

Get a tree for each child to plant and water for future generations.

These trees are young saplings so they are light weight and easy to carry for kids to plant in their yard.  This is a great Earth Day activity for the whole family!

“These trees are donated by Cargill in partnership with longtime grantee Living Lands & Waters as part of their MillionTrees initiative. Since 2007, more than 1.4 million trees have been planted/distributed for MillionTrees across the Midwest.”


Trees can be picked up in mid-April between 9:00 & 10:00 a.m.  Sign up below to reserve your tree and you will receive pickup information as it gets closer to spring. 


 60 FREE Bare root saplings will be available to plant in your yard, not on the city right of way.


Types of Trees Available


RED OAK  (Beech Family)  

  • MN Native
  • Height: 50-70 ft.    
  • Pointed 7-11 lobed leaves   
  • Green Acorns  
  • Fall color: Red to Brown
  • Can live to be 100-150 years old (diameter approximately 30” DBH*)  
  • Moist or dry soils
  • Deciduous


BUR OAK  (Beech Family)  

  • MN Native
  • Height: 50-80’  
  • Rounded 5-12 lobed leaves   
  • Green to Brown edible Acorns   
  • Fall color: Yellow-Brown
  • Can live to 150-250 years old  (approx. 31” DBH) 
  • Deep rich soils, 
  • Drought & shade tolerant
  • Deciduous


SWAMP WHITE OAK  (Beech Family) 

  • MN Native
  • Height: 40-60 ft.   
  • Rounded 4-7 longer leaves   
  • Green to Brown Acorns  
  • Fall color: brown
  • Can live to 150-200 years old  (diameter approx. 31” DBH)  
  • Moist soils by wetland or swamps-sun
  • Fast growing, acorns sprout shortly after hitting the ground so food for naturalizing an area
  • Deciduous



  • Height: 40-60’ 
  • Compound pointed leaves 4-5 per leaflets  
  • Fall color: Yellow  
  • Moist rich soils-sun
  • Can live to be 150-200 years old  
  • Green Nut   
  • Nuts can be eaten by people and wildlife
  • Deciduous

* the root system can be toxic to many garden flowers, vegetables or fruit trees.  Look up Juglandaceae Tolerant plants as a helpful guide.



Leave a text number AND email along with the type of tree/s you are interested in planting and we will notify you when the trees arrive.  All trees are individually wrapped and you will have two days to secure these FREE trees.  If trees are not picked up they will be given to people on the Waiting List.  PLANT INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE INCLUDED.



More Information

  • Trees clean our air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other pollutants through photosynthesis, then releasing vital oxygen as a byproduct for us to breathe. Trees prevent erosion from storm water runoff and flooding, enrich soils, and provide valuable food and habitat for wildlife. Trees can serve as a windbreak and their shade can moderate temperatures on homes, buildings, and numerous hardscapes. Trees can also increase property values based upon their size, species, and location. Oaks and shagbark hickories are both native species that have been recommended by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to adapt to our changing climate.
  • EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) has moved into the east side of town, on the frontage road of 394 in the New Holdridge area.
  • Most Oaks prefer a sunny location

Sponsored By Parks & Trails with the help of Cargill