Energy Saving Resources for Businesses

Boost your bottom line with energy efficiency. 

Businesses large, small, and everywhere in between find that improving energy efficiency is an easy way to reduce overhead expenses and even improve productivity. Nonprofits can join in the savings too!

Here are some resources to help you get started going green, making your improvements affordable, and finding smart answers to your energy questions.

Additionally, there are more resources available on the Energy Star Website


Business Solutions Center

If you have any questions about where to start saving energy, check in with the business solutions center for support — it’s free to reach out!

Xcel Energy’s Business Solutions Center has a team of dedicated energy advisors to guide you on everything from improving equipment performance to filling out rebate forms — all designed to help you save time and money.

Free Assessments

Here are some easy (and free!) ways to explore your business’s opportunities for efficiency.

One-Stop Efficiency Shop

The One-Stop Efficiency Shop® is a full-service program available to Xcel Energy's Minnesota small business customers (those with a monthly electric demand of 400 kilowatts or less). One-Stop representatives can offer suggestions to improve lighting and HVAC systems, and they will walk with you through all the steps to savings — from the initial audit to submitting rebate paperwork.

Commercial Refrigeration Efficiency

Refrigeration systems can be a significant source of energy use in grocery, liquor, and convenience stores. Xcel Energy’s free, on-site refrigeration assessments offer a convenient way to determine how your business can reduce energy use and costs. Plus, you'll receive complimentary, energy-saving products that will be installed on the spot. Xcel Energy electric customers with a peak monthly demand of 400 kilowatts or less are eligible.

Minnesota Energy Smart

An Energy Smart staff member will walk through your facility, look at energy-consuming equipment, and identify strategies to reduce energy usage.

You receive a summary indicating top energy-saving opportunities, next steps, and a list of the financial incentives that may available. Energy conservation improvement options will be broken down by level of opportunity to provide a great sense of which opportunities are most promising.