Rice Street Townhomes

Project Address

  • 520, 524, 530, and 534 Rice Street East

Project Description 

Since the May 3, 2021 Planning Commission meeting, the applicant has withdrawn the development application and has since submitted a new application with revised plans that are listed below. 

A development application has been submitted for the development of the Rice Street Townhomes at 520, 524, 530, and 534 Rice Street East. The proposed project would construct four total townhome units in two separate buildings. A Planned Unit Development (PUD) and Development Agreement was approved for these properties in 2006. The applicant proposes to construct the buildings in a similar manner as the approved plans with a few modifications. For these modifications, the following development application requests were applied for:

  • PUD Amendment
  • Variance from the R-4 and R-5 standards applicable in the PUD District

A neighborhood meeting is planned to be held on June 2, 2021, at 5:00 pm to discuss the proposed project. 

City Review Dates

  • Planning Commission meeting May 3, 2021 (past)
  • Planning Commission meeting June 7, 2021 (proposed)

City Contact for Questions

Nick Kieser, Assistant Planner, can be reached by calling 952-404-5313 for any questions or concerns regarding this proposal. 

Development Documents