There are five phases of a design process: 

1. Schematic Design 

2. Design Development 

3. Construction Documents - Completed January 2023

4. Bidding 

5. Construction Administration 

City staff, in collaboration with multiple consultants, have recently completed the construction document phase for Panoway Phase 2A and 2B: 

Panoway Phase 2A: Boardwalk and Docks, designed by Civitas, led by Scott Jordan 

Panoway Phase 2B: Section Foreman House, designed by Cushing Terrell, led by Rebecca Muchow 

Where We Are Going - Future Projects

map of panoway future phases

The key locations of improvement are labeled with numbers above. Learn more about each spot below!

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Community Docks 

Two new community docks will allow more residents and visitors to access Wayzata from Lake Minnetonka. The 2 locations are the Broadway docks and the Depot docks. 

Depot Park 

The expanded and remodeled park surrounding the historic Wayzata Depot will feature a new restroom building and expanded gardens. Visitors will enjoy new lawns, decks, and terraces with seating, picnic tables and a community hearth.

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Where We Are - Completed Projects

aerial view of lake street

The key locations of improvement are labeled with numbers above. Learn more about each spot below!

  1. 1

Streetscape and Sidewalk Improvements along Lake Street 

A newly reconfigured Lake Street, from Broadway to Ferndale, is improving accessibility and creating a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and businesses. The project includes:

  • A two-way off-street bike lane on the Southside of the street, providing a seamless connection to the Dakota Rail Regional Trail
  • Expanded sidewalks on the north side of the street to enhance shopping and dining experiences
  • Dedicated turn lanes at the intersection of Barry and Lake Street, creating smoother trac flow while preserving on-street parking
  • spaces that supplement free public parking throughout downtown
  • Upgraded railroad crossings at Barry, Broadway, and Ferndale to greatly enhance safety and accessibility to the lake
  • Critical public works upgrades, including water main, storm sewer, and water treatment infrastructure improvements


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