2023 Projects

Ferndale Road Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Wayzata has awarded a contract to New Look Contracting, Inc. for the construction of a concrete sidewalk on the east side of Ferndale Road, between Wayzata Boulevard and Lake Street. The project will include the addition of storm sewer and concrete curbs, and mill and overlay of the bituminous pavement on Ferndale Road. Construction is expected to begin in mid-August and will be completed in October.


2023 Pavement Rejuvenation

The City of Wayzata has hired Corrective Asphalt Materials to perform a pavement surface rejuvenation project on Barry Avenue North, Barry Avenue South, and the access drive to the Lake & Barry parking lot (from Lake Street East).   This project will provide an alternative treatment method to Wayzata’s traditional seal-coating maintenance that should extend the life of the bituminous asphalt pavement.  This work is scheduled to occur during the week of August 21st 2023, and will be completed in one day.

Questions or concerns about this project can be directed to Jen Schumann in the City’s Engineering Department at 952-404-5371 or jschumann@wayzata.org.

Comcast Residential Cable TV and Internet Systems

Comcast has been granted approval to provide cable TV and internet service to Wayzata’s residents, and began installing the infrastructure system in 2022. Some of the infrastructure will be aerial (mounted on existing utility poles) and some of it will be installed underground. When scheduled to work in your neighborhood, Comcast’s contractor, Universal Services, will notify residents by placing door hangers on your door, like the one linked blow. If you have questions or would like more information about the project, you can visit the project webpage or you can contact Universal Services at 651-432-3000.

Verizon Wireless Installing Small-Cell Equipment

Verizon Wireless began installing small-cell wireless antenna equipment on several City-owned street light poles along Lake Street in 2022. Verizon is ultimately replacing five (5) existing street light poles with structurally reinforced poles that have a similar appearance to the existing poles. The additional antenna equipment will extend approximately 10-feet higher than the street light pole. Contact the City’s Engineering Department at 952-404-5371 with questions related to the Verizon Wireless equipment.

Planned locations for the Verizon Wireless equipment include:

                Lake Street East at Engel Street (equipment installed in 2022)

                Mill Street East, just west of Superior Boulevard (equipment installed in early 2023)

                Lake Street East at Broadway Avenue (equipment installation date TBD)

                Lake Street East at Minnetonka Avenue (equipment installation date TBD)

                Lake Street East at Barry Avenue (equipment installation date TBD)