Klapprich Park Updates

Klapprich Park and Field 6


The Parks and Trails Board and City staff are working with the consulting firm, WSB, to create a comprehensive plan to update Klapprich Park. The project would create a more cohesive plan for all the projects noted in the Parks and Trails Master Plan for Klapprich Park along with any other ideas that come up throughout the engagement process. 

The main proposed projects within Klapprich Park are; a playground update, the addition/enhancement of sidewalks/walking loop, improved grading/drainage, potential warming house improvements, parking/crossing improvements, and any additional smaller projects.

The goal for the projects would be to have construction documents ready by the end of 2023 so the bidding and construction process can be implemented in 2024. In 2023, significant community engagement will be conducted so all stakeholders and residents have a voice in the process.


All members of the public can attend Parks and Trails Board meetings which are held every third Wednesday of the month at City Hall (600 Rice St E) starting at 6:30 pm. 

The first Community Open House is planned to be scheduled for the end of June or early July, 2023. Details on the Open House will be advertised and put up on this webpage once they have been finalized. 

Additional information on community events, surveys, etc. will be located in this section as they come available. 

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