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Wayzata/Long Lake Night to Unite Registration

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  2. Would your block party be interested in collecting food donations for a local charity?*
  3. If yes to the above question, please let us know if food donations are to be picked up or dropped off
  4. Data Practices Waiver
    The Minnesota Data Practices Act requires that we inform you of your rights about the private data we are requesting on this form. Under Minn. Stat. § 13.37 (2016), the name, home address, and telephone number you are being asked to provide in this form is private data. However, the location of any National Night Out event is public data. Id. City of Wayzata employees will use any private information you submit contact you in order to organize this event. You are not required by state law or City Code to answer questions or provide the information requested. However, a refusal to answer questions or provide the information requested will prevent you from acting as an organizer for this event.
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