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Reporting Unresolved Mediacom Technical and Service Issues in Wayzata

  1. Tennessen Warning Privacy Notice
    You are being asked to answer questions and provide information that is classified as confidential data under Minn. Stat. § 13.39 (2016). This information will be used by City of Wayzata employees and its agents to monitor Mediacom’s adherence to its agreements with the City of Wayzata and to resolve technical/customer service issues of residents who are Mediacom customers. The information you provide may be shared with Mediacom to help resolve your complaint. You are not required by state law or City Code to answer questions or provide the information requested. However, a refusal to answer questions or provide the information requested will prevent the city employees from assisting with your complaint.
  2. Are you currently a Mediacom subscriber?*
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  3. If yes, what services do you have with Mediacom?*
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  4. What is the general nature of your complaint?*
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  5. State what is the technical/customer service issue you are experiencing. Include any dates of a timeline of when you noticed the issue, when you first contacted Mediacom and any follow up calls you have made to request service.
  6. Click submit when finished. This will be sent to Mediacom to resolve and to the City of Wayzata to monitor. Thank you.
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