When does the Klapprich Park ice rink open?
When it comes to outdoor ice rinks, only 1 person can predict when the rink will be ready for skaters: Mother Nature.

To start making ice, Public Work needs a mixture of at least 1 week of really cold weather and frozen ground. After the crews pump 800,000 gallons of water into the rink, it can take 10 to 14 days with below-freezing temperatures for a substantial base layer of ice to form. The base helps guard against warm snaps and is strong enough to withstand equipment during the final stage of creating a smooth finish on the rink.

If rinks don’t have complete coverage, they can be unsafe for skaters and the Public Works equipment may break through the ice. And while weather conditions were normal last year, 5 of the last 6 years were warmer than average, leading to late openings and early closings.

Public Works likes to open the rink 1 week before Christmas and maintain the rink through mid-February.

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1. When does the Klapprich Park ice rink open?
2. What are the hours for the rink and warming house?