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Just Deeds Intake Form

  1. Tennessen Warning Privacy Notice
    Under Minn. Stat. § 13.548 (2016), the name, address, telephone number, and other identifying information you are being asked to provide in this form is private data. City of Wayzata employees and volunteers use this information to register you for this program, and contact you about your participation in this program. You are not required by state law or City Code to answer questions or provide the information requested. However, a refusal to answer questions or provide the information requested will prevent you from being registered for this event.
  2. Is anyone else listed on the property title?*

    Usually a spouse or trustee. This is important because all people on the property title must sign the documents to reject restrictive covenants.

  3. If your property is determined to have a discriminatory covenant, a volunteer lawyer will work with you to retrieve a copy of the covenant, draft the requisite discharge form which all property owners must sign, and file the discharge form against the property’s legal title. For this work, the City is partnering with law firm Best & Flanagan, who contracts with the City for regular legal services. 

    The next two questions are used to determine whether there may be a conflict of interest present and alternative legal services are needed.

  4. • Do you currently have a pending application before the City for development or another item? *
  5. • Have you submitted an application for any City approval within the past year? *
  6. Data Practices Advisory

    Some of the information requested on this form is private information under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Under the Data Practices Act, some or all of this data is classified as public data, including your name, address, email address, phone number, and other personal information provided by you. Public data is available to anyone requesting it and consists of all data furnished via this Web form. We will use this information to help you find and remove restrictive covenants on your property and to communicate with you about your request and the Just Deeds project. We may provide this information to our partners in connection with your request, including other government entities, pro bono attorneys and title professionals. You are not required to provide this information, but if you do not provide your name, property address and at least one way to contact you, we will not be able to help find and remove covenants on your property. 


    By typing your first and last name below, you agree that you have read the data practices advisory and that the information you provided is accurate.

  7. By checking "I agree" below, you agree that you have read and understand the information provided herein. You understand that the City and its employees are providing a limited service to you, as described herein. You understand that the City and its employees will not be providing you with legal representation. You understand that your participation in the program does not create an attorney-client relationship with the City or any City employee. *
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